Frequently asked questions

Answers to some frequently asked questions

  1. Everyone requiring entry to Santas Magcial Forest, adults and children, requires a ticket each. Each ticket for each person is £18.

    UNDER 1's GO FREE!

    E.g. a parent with one 3 year old, one 4 year old and a child under one will require 3 tickets each priced at £18 – one for the adult, one for the 3 year old and one for the 4 year old.

  2. The guided tour will last just over one hour.
  3. The time you have chosen is your allocated time for arrival/registration – you MUST arrive at the forest 20 minutes beforehand.
    Do not arrive more than 20 minutes before your timeslot as we do not have parking capacity for multiple time slots in one go.
    E.g. if your timeslot is 7.30pm - 8.00pm the earliest you must arrive is 7.10pm.
  4. When checking out, there is a box for you to enter any additional information to your order. Please include the following, if applicable:

    a. Infant name(s).
    b. Whether disabled access is required
    c. Anything else you think we should know.

  5. Once your order has been processed you will receive three emails in total relating to your order:

    a. One from Santas Magical Forest confirming your payment
    b. One from Santas Magical Forest with your Order Confirmation

    Your invoice is attached to this email - this is your ticket and it is what you need for entry into the forest - print it out and bring with you on your chosen date/time.


    c. One from ogone/Ingenico to confirm your payment.

  6. In the event you lose your confirmation email it is very simple to obtain an invoice on the website.

    a. Log into your account on the site using the account details used when purchasing
    b. Go to ‘Order History and Details’ from the menu on the left.
    c. Look for your order and then click on the ‘+’ button to the left of the order reference number.
    d. Click on ‘PDF’ to download the invoice.

  7. Please make sure when placing your order that the address you use is exactly the same as the address on your payment card.This will ensure your payment goes through perfectly and your chosen time slot will be guaranteed.

    a. In previous years orders failed because of different addresses on both systems, ours and the card issuers, and people missed out on their chosen slots.
    b. If you already have an account on the site you can edit the address while making your purchase before you go through payment.
    c. Payment must be made using a valid debit/credit card;there is no PayPal option.
    d. Make sure the email address you use on the site is current as it is where your receipt will be emailed for entry.
    e. In previous years there has been a lot of misunderstandings about tickets and entry. As per our terms and conditions and on the products (tickets) on the website:

    After payment, you will receive an email with your order confirmation and invoice attached. Print out the invoice and bring this with you on your selected date and time, as you will need it for entry.


  8. How to find us
    Check out the ‘Find U’s page on the website:

    Simple as that, no tickets will be sent via post, the invoice attached to your order confirmation email is your ticket. This is emailed to you after you have made your purchase, just print it out.